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Elephant Bee! :o  ~Amazing : Let's See Nature and Wildlife.~

Elephant Bee, nature amazes me? Although interesting photo it apears photo shopped. Have you ever seen a bee with Tusks?

Amazing Photography Of Nature

Reminds me of the caterpillar from Alice in wonderland. Photograph nature is a poem by yasin mortaş on

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Top 10 Most Beautiful Caterpillars

This has got to be the cutest and most beautiful bug in all the world! Just look at the lesson in colour from mother nature. This is a Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. Nature at its spectacular best! I wonder where it is found?

Attributes Of God On Butterfly Wings | Deep Roots at Home Anthocharis cardamines

God, in all His greatness and awesome power has made these little delicate beautiful creatures. He sure does have control over His strength! Anthocharis Cardamines Butterfly ~ by Peter Baas

Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars | WebEcoist

Crawling Bling: Trippy Tropical Jewel Caterpillars

Not much is known about so-called Jewel Caterpillars of the genus Dalceridae but one thing’s certain: this group of 84 moth species includes.


Monarch Caterpillar- they are my FAVORITE butterfly! The caterpillar? for w/o them, there would be no Monarch Butterfly.

Newly-Emerged by njchow82 on Flickr.

Newly-Emerged by njchow82 on Flickr. (The Absolute Best Photography Posts)

Newly-emerged Blue Morpho butterflies photographed at the Calgary Zoo. Fine, we should all be like butterflies, metamorphosis .

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Igor Siwanowicz;  fabulous photos of fighting animals

Armed cops and steel road blocks out in force at Clacton Airshow to protect crowds amid fears of terror attack

Death’s Head caterpillars, Acherontia Atropos. Photo by Igor Siwanowicz// deaths head.

The woolly worm, it still is believed by some, has the ability to predict the weather

What a Woolly Worm Knows

caterpillar = oruga :) Learn about the wooly bear caterpillar and how their measurements are used to forecast winter weather. The Old Farmer's Almanac investigates wooly bears as weather predictors.

together is beautiful by mauro maione on 500px

together is beautiful by mauro maione