Old wheel is a great idea for an herb garden.

Growing carrots in containers !

watering can planter

CAN we say awesome!!! upside down... <3

Go Upside Down - need to hint for Mother's Day!

Upside-Down Container Gardening: What Vegetables Can Be Grown Upside Down? What you can grow on top of the upside down garden. Benefits and how-to

7 Simple Tips for Growing Tomatoes- tips and tricks to help you grow the best tomatoes in your garden.

DIY upside down tomato (or strawberry) planter. I think these will hang under the deck. (And you can plant annuals in the top to make it look nice).

Upside down tomatoes, could paint the metal buckets to dress them up.

self-irrigating planters made from plastic tubs

DIY drip irrigation

How to Plant Upside Down Tomato Planters Topsy Turvy DIY--great DIY garden website

Honestly, this may be the best used-tire planter design I've ever seen executed. It's honest, unapologetic and aesthetically pleasing!

Why a tomato cracks and what to do about it and a lot of other information about caring for tomato plants

growing tomato's in upside down planter, can plant anything on top- lettuce, strawberries, anything!

With these grow buckets you can grow tomatoes, peppers and any number of plants with very minimal effort.

66 Things You Can Grow in Containers

2-liter bottle upside down tomato planter