Plague doctors. Masks were an early form of gas mask stuffed with straw and other herbs, etc thought to filter out the disease.

Plague Doctor Mask by WastelandArtisan

birds of a feather

Really creepy

Great Plague Doctor mask idea

creepy venice carnival...

Plague doctors

Really creepy

Alternative Plague Doctor Photography, Monster Brand Fine Art Print, Macabre Wall Art, Horror Masquerade Decor

plague doctor

Bird Masks

Bird Mask.

Voted "Creepiest Couple" class of 1910. | 16 Vintage Photos Guaranteed To Creep You Out

bird woman

Authentic plague doctor mask, 14th century, Germany


Bird and Flowers painting by Unity Coombes.

Red birds in winter

Feather masks, New Guinea. Postcard, Australia.

Body Mask (Det), mid-20th century Asmat people, Ambisu village, New Guinea, Papua (Irian Jaya) Province, Indonesia Wood, fiber, leaves, paint

Secret Brunch Society