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who said you have to choose between Ryan Gosling and puppies? (Justin Edmund has learned the secret to getting repins)

Ryan Gosling...there is just something particularly alluring about his candor and good natured smile...

Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal

Oh Jake, stop it. ;)

Jake Gyllenhaal. Sheer male gorgeousness with a level unfortunately rare combo.

I am more about the ladies - but this man is not only incredibly talented as, well, pretty much everything, but also charming as hell and the coolest guy in Hollywood. I mean, seriously, he had a pig for years. As a pet. And he hangs with Brad & Angelina. And he's apparently as goofy as he is political. Good guy, that.

Everyone needs an Afternoon Eye Candy Break ;)

Is there something wrong with his bowtie? Well, just letting you know...a tuxedo is a must.

David Beckham and Adam Levine - this is what can only be called "too much hot in one spot."