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    Gold wreath of a Thracian aristocrat (ca. 4th century BCE) from Golyamata Mogila (Bulgaria)

    Thracian silver horse From Varna,Bulgaria

    Treasures of Bulgaria - Thracian silver

    Thracian treasure - Bulgaria

    Gold rhyton Thracians

    Fractal Art 24 ~ Mary C. Thornton

    Thracian treasure from Bulgaria,4th cent. BC

    Louvre P23. Winged genius, fragment. Second-style mural painting, Roman artwork, late 1st century BC. From the peristyle of the villa of P. Fannius Synistor in Boscoreale, near Pompeii.

    Winged deity, 13th century B.C.; Hittite Empire period Anatolia Bronze, gold

    Rhyton ,from Panagyurishte Treasure,3rd Cent.BC Thracian

    Thracian gold

    Harpy mirror from the tomb of King Seuthes III, Kazanlak, 3rdc BC, Bulgaria Thracian culture

    Thracian Helmet

    At right: Golden vessel in the form of a goddess head crowned by griffins, with a winged sphinx handle. From Panagurishte, Bulgaria Thracian treasure

    A Thracian king, from the 4th cent.B.C.. Sofia Museum,Bulgaria

    Thracian helmet

    Panagyurishte treasure - end of a horn, Thracian, 4th-3rd century BCE, gold

    5th Century B.C. Thracian Golden Mask National History Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria

    Thracian Treasures.