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Ivanov at Varna, Bulgaria | Lost city | Grave found of early advanced civilization | 5000 BC. This was a very important archaeological find | Predates most well known civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc. Hidden civilization was found because they were digging to put in electrical wires! Entire civilizations can be taken out rather easily by nature it seems.

Silver phiale depicting chariot race in gold, from Basova burial mound, Plovdiv Region, Bulgaria, Goldsmith art, Thracian Civilization, 4th Century BC

Leaf from an ivory diptych of Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus, consul in Constantinople, 506. Areobindus is shown above, presiding over the games in the Hippodrome, depicted beneath.

330-300 BCE. Bronze Portrait of Seuthes III found in a stone-lined pit in front of the entrance to his royal tomb in Bulgaria. The Thracian Ruler of the Odrisian Kingdom waged battle against Macedonian rule. Unearthed in 2004.

Celtic horse helmet. Bronze-age protective headgear for a horse, exhibited in the Royal Scottish Museum, Chambers Street

The Ancient Thracian Stone Circle (Cromlech) at Bulgaria's Staro Zhelezare after its discovery and excavation by late Bulgarian archaeologist Georgi Kitov in 2001. Photo: Georgi Kitov/Staro Zhelezare Facebook Page

Thracian treasure ~ The squares on the body of the deer may represent the earth and the four directions, north, south, east and west.

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Al capone chicago gangster reward depression era poster

Although this poster is from the early 30's, Al Capone was notorious throughout the roaring twenties. (Hana NRMS)