Rams Head, Thracian

Ivanov at Varna, Bulgaria | Lost city | Grave found of early advanced civilization | 5000 BC. This was a very important archaeological find | Predates most well known civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, etc. Hidden civilization was found because they were digging to put in electrical wires! Entire civilizations can be taken out rather easily by nature it seems.

Treasures of Bulgaria - Thracian silver

Gold wreath of a Thracian aristocrat (ca. 4th century BCE) from Golyamata Mogila (Bulgaria)

Treasures of Bulgaria - Thracian silver

Thracian treasure from Bulgaria 4th cent.BC

Centaur, detail of a gold amphora-rhyton (12-01-01/19) (3rd BCE). Panagyurishte Golden Treasure. Thracian culture Archaeological Museum ,Plovdiv,Bulgaria

Thracian Gold from Bulgaria

The Valley of Thracian Kings Thracian gold shell

Thracian treasure from Letniza Bulgaria

Thracian gold

.thracian Bulgaria


Rogozon Treasure Silver with gold,4th cent.BC Thracian

Gold rhyton Thracians

The Thracian ruler and the noble Thracian woman from the "Funerary Feast" scene - Thracian Tomb near Kazanlak, Bulgaria(5th - 3rd Century B.C.). #Thracian #Tomb #Kazanlak #Bulgaria

Thracian gold bowl

Thracian Rhyton

Harpy mirror from the tomb of King Seuthes III, Kazanlak, 3rdc BC, Bulgaria #thracian #tombs #mirror #bulgarian #kazanlak