Samstagseintopf: Kartoffel-Wirsing Suppe mit Räucherlachsstreifen

Kartoffel-Wirsing Suppe mit Lachsstreifen Für 4 Portionen: 600 g mehligkochende Kartoffeln 1 große Zwiebel 300 g Wirsing Salz 1/2 l Fleischbrühe 1 Esslöffel Olivenöl oder Butter schwarzer Pfeffer a...
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Castles of the Rhine

Altes Rathaus, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany - Visited while driving north to Hamburg. Wonderful university town - very interesting church (if you like skulls)!

16 Things to do in Munich, Germany //

BMW headquarters - Munich - Germany - BMW Headquarters is a Munich landmark, which has been serving as world headquarters for the Bavarian automaker BMW for almost 40 years. It was declared a protected historic building in 1999.

Wieskirche – Bavaria, Germany

#Rothenburg #Germany #Romantic Road -- Off The Beaten Path In Rothenburg, Germany...BEAUTIFUL PICTURE....LOVE THIS

Edelweiss (Nobelwhite) -The flower of the Alps and illegal to pick in Germany - It's one of the rarest flowers in the alps and only grows in high altitude.

Map of German Castles...My interest in castles started a few years ago when I decided to locate the castle from a sketch of a picture we found at home. Furstenau is mentioned and I think the location is either in Germany or Switzerland. I'm hoping to find a pic for my board. Anyone already have one??

Grimm Brothers Fairytales Route Map - seriously considering for next year's summer holiday in the Hymer.

This page covers some of the essential points you'll need to know about driving in Germany as well as basic information about renting a car....

Frankfurt - Haus Wertheym. Our 25 tips for things to do in Germany: www.europealacart...

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, cool place to find good food and items!! www.liberatingdiv...

Essen - Germany

State Staircase, an exact replica of the demolished Ambassador's Staircase of Louis XIV at Versailles recreated for King Ludwig II of Bavaria at Herrenchiemsee, Bavaria, Germany

U-Bahn in Berlin, Deutschland

McDonalds Sign, Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany

German swabian potato salad recipe authentic Germany Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat Rezept

berlin berliner potato salad

Stuffed goose with red cabbage


Obazda und Zwiebelkäs