raised beds

Raised bed fence and gate.

Easy diy garden fencing via http://www.twotwentyone.net/

I love this garden and I love this blog! www.bumblebeeblog.com - all about gardening, raising chickens, and eating what you grow!

Fence for the garden. This is exactly what I have been picturing. With raised beds of course.

I really like this beautiful garden surrounded by a white picket fence. I also like the style of the shed behind it. The fence and shed give this garden a more formal look.

Backyard Vegetable Garden

Vegetable boxes incorporated into small yard


Snip-n-Drip Soaker System - Gardener's Supply Company-need to set up the soakers I have like this one! DUH!

Sweet cottage garden with a white picket fence.

dream vegetable garden ~

raised beds.

Raspberry plants. Start off with 18" between plants & they will spread over time. That's why it's good to have it contained in a raised bed.

From Two Women and a Hoe LOVE THIS!!!

Moveable raised bed seat

easy plan for raised beds for planting crops in "blocks" rather than rows. This plan rotates every 3 years for best soil. Lots of info here!

What a cute and cleaver idea! Clear around the planting area, for productive growth of the beans. Great hideaway for kids in the yard, leave the grass in the center.

Raised beds layout