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Love Hawk Tattoo Studio in Athens, GA // totally pretty henna style! half-sleeve? Sara Eriksson Emerson

Love the shading and the lack of thick lines. I wonder how this style of tattoo would wear?

Chän, Tattoo Artist - Tattoo Art Fest (207) - 18-20Sep09, Paris (France)

WELCOME to the Las Vegas Beauty Lounge. This is the only Lounge of its kind. The Las Vegas Tattoo Lounge creates it's atmosphere through its eclectic design and friendly staff. Our BEST OF LAS VEGAS TATTOO REVIEW rating shows what were made of.

my tattoo was inspired by this McIntosh glad i didn't get it exact cuz i've seen more than 5 girls with this tattoo. 2 in portland alone!

Nouveau Mucha tattoo piece by Electric Linda

I thought a koi fish turned into a dragon when he reaches the top of the mountain, not a Pheonix? Either way, tat is baaaad ass!

Lotta, 23 years old and lives in northern Sweden. The siberian jay is the symbol of the county that I live in.  My tattoo artist made a good job, and I am so happy with the outcome of my bird. The artist name is Eva Adermalm (  And she is awsome!