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Team Building Game with Balloons - 10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

Team building challenge.

Team Building Task-The Cup Challenge - take a rubber band and tie 6 strings to it (though I think 5 would work if you want smaller groups). Participants must use only the strings to move 6 cups into a pyramid formation. You can make this a competition between the groups or give them harder cup moving tasks.

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5 Important Team Building Games For Kids


7th grade teacher had students do this team building activity to create a cup pyramid working together with rubber band and yarn tool.

Blog post on the Pipe Cleaner STEM Challenge! My go-to STEM icebreaker. Fun, inexpensive, and engaging challenge that can be tailored to different ages, settings, and time-frames.

Minefield -- Duct Tape Teambuilding Game - YouTube This would be a great game at the beginning of the year. It would help kids work together as teams and build trust. Its also great for focus, when everyone is talking, you have to listen for your partner.

Small group problem solving: "You have 2 minutes to devise a method to suspend/hold as many marshmallows above the ground as possible." Pts awarded for creativity, building design, and number of marshmallow's successfully suspended. Construction Materials 5' length of string 1 bag of large marshmallows 10 rubber bands 5 straws 10 toothpicks

Building Teamwork and Bridges: A STEM Icebreaker. Nothing feels quite so right in my classroom as the productive buzz (make that roar!) when my students are passionately tackling an engineering challenge. This sort of hands-on, mind-on learning promotes critical thinking, real world problem solving, and addresses a host of STEM content.

10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids,,

Snakes - A Trust and Team Building Activity that uses non-verbal communication to get a team to accomplish a goal.

All For the Love of Teaching: Saving Sam: A Team-Building Activity great for first day team building activity

Challenge your students with these engineering mystery bag ideas.

This could be an awesome activity to keep the students busy while you take care of the first day paperwork.

Team Challenge: Dried Spaghetti. Love this for teamwork.