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Borderline Personality Disorder #28


BPD...this is my mom...I have "traits" of borderline personality disorder....but my mom has FULL on 100% BPD...my mom does this A LOT!!!... She needs me desperately at times...and then when I try to help...she pushes me away...


I don't want you to save me. I want you to stand by me, so I have the strength to save myself.

My life is nothing but a fake I live a secret life no one will ever know how I feel no one will know my secrets

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how i feel sometimes

Scared of telling my therapist my true thoughts because he/she might abandon me...common fear. Don't let that feeling take over and "abandon" he/she first for you would really be abandoning taking care of you first. Hang in there when you feel like fleeing talking about it. I promise that you might feel like dying, but you won't if you struggle through it.

I have the tendency of pushing everyone away when I am vulnerable but I really just want to feel a closeness.

Don't try to fix me. I'm not broken.

Pls re-pin!! 8 Things You Should Never [Ever] Say to Someone Struggling With Depression (+ 8 Things You Could Say Instead). | This is a MUST READ. Validating for those who struggle with depression, & eye-opening for those that don't. I wish I'd known this sooner...

Because she is Mother of Dragons!! So far my favorite character in show and books. Game of Thrones Rocks!!

Benjamin Franklin

Typical BPD, as one who's been there (and still is frequently!)

This. However I will never apologize for the past mistakes I have made because they made me who I am today (which is awesome)

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Anxiety Quote: I am severely overwhelmed with everything. It's come to a point that even small tasks make me feel like breaking down and crying. Everything is just too much for me now. www.HealthyPlace.com