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This reminds me of high school, taking out the filter around the mascara wand in order to get more clumpier mascara! NEVER ENOUGH!!

No idea what this is from, but i thought it was funny - I re pinned this more for the comment of the girl before me. It made me sad she didn't know Full House. Then it made me feel old that I know and love a show that today's generation has no clue about.

full house :) my fav show in th world! so cute

Nicknames stick, and they're not always fun. | 24 Important Life Lessons D.J. Tanner From "Full House" Taught Us

Full house - then and now I always loved that show since I was little! ☺️💖

I just died laughing at this while in a work webinar... Ive been found out, not paying attention

Full House! Love these girls, all so inspirational @Candace Cameron Bure is my favorite of these girls!!

I seriously want all seasons of Full House on's my absolute favorite show!