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Fear makes you tiny

The Borrowers, Mary Norton

Elizabeth Enright was a genius! Gone-Away Lake is a marvelous 1950's adventure story about two cousins who discover a deserted town during summer vacation. Mary Grand-Pre, who illustrated Harry Potter, did the cover art to complement the original inside illustrations by Beth and Joe Krush (they also illustrated The Borrowers)

One of my favorite childrens' series (I know I have said this about every one I put up here, but I love them all!). Mary Poppins is the story of a magical British nanny who changes the lives of Jane and Michael banks forever. The book series is illustrated by Mary Shepard (the daughter of famed illustrated Ernest Shepard).

"Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy Book #3)" by Suzanne Collins --- Can I just say how fantastic the cover designer was for this series? The art perfectly matches the story line in both description and symbolism. Just fantastic. GOODREADS SCORE: 4/5 Stars ... #LibraryLoans

"Breaking Dawn (Twilight Series #4)" by Stephenie Meyer --- Finally, the reason I read the series: the half-human/half-vampire baby! Very disapointed in the descriptions. And while it's a nice idea to combine the two mothers' names Renee and Esme, well, Renesmee is a really hideous name. The only redeeming part was the nickname "Nessie" (as in Loch Ness Monster), which showed Meyer had a sense of humor about herself as a writer. GOODREADS SCORE: 2/5 Stars ... #LibraryLoans

"Twilight (Twilight Series #1)" by Stephenie Meyer --- For every movie that was based on a book, I try to read the source first. And because I am a purist, I wanted to read the whole series in order so I didn't miss anything. I don't understand the comparison to the Harry Potter or Hunger Games books at all because Meyer's grammar is atrocious, her descriptions are bland, and the characters are completely one-dimensional. Sadly, the movie was better. GOODREADS SCORE: 1/5 Stars…

Another classic British children's book, Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden is the story of Mary Lennox, an orphan from India who comes to live in Mistlethwaite Manor, discovers its secrets and brings it--and herself--to life.