☺ poor cookie monster I can understand his confusion.

I think this sort of shows the power of something like social networking. Although this is a cartoon telling a joke, it just shows how prominent social networking really is. In some ways it takes over our lives in real life and distracts us from actually living.

I laughed way too much at this....


Via @Trace Cohen. I couldn't even get through it all because I became very scared. Good luck, straight men. Not that the gays are any less crazy.


Geo Crafts, Inc Ring Door Bell Doormat

Truthful Road Construction Sign. "You'll Never Get To Work On Time, HAHA!! #roads #highways #roadconstruction #roadsigns


Now this is funny. I read that a little kid said it so it's ok cuz kids, like old people, say some funny things and you are allowed to laugh.

It's would own windows. Like a boss. lol

Images of the day, 101 images. Wait Until You Find A Parked Car

und damit ein schönes einigermassen entspanntes wochenende wünscht die raupe :Ooooooo

ha its funny cause he has short arms!

Fuck This Shit, I Want Cookies!

Always makes me laugh

No more laughing

I’m Not Fat God Gave me airbags cause I'm precious!