Bleach Art Tees

How to upcycle a plain shirt with 3 techniques: fabric paint, napkin technique and gemstones. This is step 2 (fabric paint)

So cute!! Made with bleach and baking soda to bleach the design!

a bunch of ideas for bleach + t-shirts!

Bleach Art T-Shirt

This T-shirt bleaching tutorial is the best.

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Bleach Washed Tees

Make Your Own Graphic Tee. Learn how!

hapa-zome - extraction of ink from the leaves and flower petals through the use of a mallet or hammer

Bleach Spray over Stencil

HOW TO: Bleach Gel Doodles on Fabric! | | Official site of award-winnning artist and novelist, Kathy Cano-Murillo.

~ Use a 'Bleach Pen' to Design your own leggings or T Shirts I used to do this to my jeans in the 80's all the time ~ the material was fine with the bleach then ~ mind you it was Denim ~ do make sure you put plastic In between the Fabric layers when bleaching otherwise it will transfer straight through

dip dye shoes.

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4th of July Tees

How to turn your "awkward and baggy" jeans into skinny jeans. DOING THIS