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    Robert Capa - Chartres, France, August 18th, 1944: Just after the liberation of the town, this French woman who had a baby with a German soldier has her head shaved as punishment. During the middle ages, this mark of shame, denuding a woman of what was supposed to be her most seductive feature, was commonly a punishment for adultery. Shaving womens heads as a mark of retribution and humiliation was reintroduced in the 20th century and was widespread post WW2.

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    A woman collaborator and her baby, whose father is German, begins the journey back to her home after having her head shaven by members of the Resistance following the capture of Chartres by the Allies, 1944 (Photo by Robert Capa).

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Robert Capa - France, Eure-et-loir. Chartres. August 18th, 1944. Shortly after the liberation of the city, a French woman who had a baby with a German soldier has her head shaved, as a sign of humiliation. Her mother (left) suffered the same treatment.

A French woman has her head shaved as punishment for having had personal relations with the Germans. Montelimar area, August 29, 1944.

WW2: A French woman who conceived a baby with a German soldier, punished by having to have her head shaved as a form of humiliation for her treasonous act. Her mother also was subjected to the same punishment - June 1944

Robert Capa, Paris 26 August 1944. French tank recaptured from the Germans. I love the finger up the nose! :)