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    Buqshan hotel in Khaila - Yemen (by Eric Lafforgue)

    Traditional village in Wadi Doan - Hadramawt, Northeast Yemen


    The 800 Years Old Village of Al Hajjarah in Haraz Mountains - Yemen

    Sana’a - Yemen (von Rod Waddington)

    absolutely amazing house in Sibiria. wow!



    Wadi Dhar Rock Palace, Yemen

    Yemen--looks surreal

    The cliff-hanging St. George’s Monastery in Israel. Photographed by Philip Bloom during a visit to Wadi Qelt for CNN’s new show The Wonder List with Bill Weir – Sundays at 10pm ET on CNN, starting March 1, 2015

    Al Hajjara - Yemen

    ☪ The Kaaba or Ka'aba is a cuboid building at the center of Islam's most sacred mosque, Al-Masjid al-Haram, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam. Wherever they are in the world, Muslims are expected to face the Kaaba – i.e. when outside Mecca, to face toward Mecca – when performing salat (prayer). From any point in the world, the direction facing the Kaaba is called the qibla.

    Shibam, Yemen


    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Havana, Cuba.

    Fez, Morroco