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Pink twilight glow on a snowy winter's night. Ice melts off the windowpanes from the warmth of candle's light.


Sail Away View ... #beach cottage #windows #sailboat #lace curtain Sweden photo via rebecca


soooo simple yet beautiful. would love for outdoor party or around the holidays at a house. the large jars with small lights are too beautiful

If you're like me and haven't yet started on your Christmas decorations (whoops), there's still hope. Here are ten decorating ideas that are beautiful, modern, and almost shamefully easy to execute.


Winter lights ... #rustic #winter #wedding ... … Tips on how to organise your dream wedding, within your budget ♥

<3 ````Snow, cozy covers, hot tea and good books are all you need for a cold winter night```` Note: blanket rod on window


it reminds of how people view life. with the window open, i guess people dont really take life seriously. they let it go out the open window that there to afraid to close..

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