Water lily.

lily pad photo

Wouldn't this be beautiful as pool decoration? If there is a pool or pond... Color, petals, flowers, details, macros, texture, photos, paintings, beauty

Water Lily


Water Lily

✯ Water Lilies


Stunning Photography

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MOON GAZING into a pool of water was a popular pastime in Japanese gardens.

De olho nos cantos e encantos da natureza

pink water lily


Pond Perfect A restful landscape includes an expansive pond. -- A bench, chair, and table offer a quiet alcove overlooking the expansive lily pond. -- An arched bridge takes garden visitors over the water below.

The more you realize that you are a spiritual being in human form, the more you become aware of your energy force, and the more you are prepared to deal with life on a human level.

White Lotus


☫ Angelic ☫ winged cemetery angels and zen statuary - angel & bird

Lily Pads & Tall Lotus - Peach