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A euro trip to remember. Can't wait til I leave next year to visit my family:) So excited!

Looking out the window to the land below that is familiar and comfortable... I wanna travel but I also want to always have that relief to come home and get excited about seeing your family waiting with welcome arms

unexpected air travel tomorrow = luxury of extra reading time!

How to make a vision board and chase your dreams ( step-by-step guide), via Career Girl Daily

The excitement and satisfaction felt when holding a plane ticket is pretty much second to none.

I've seen this a hundred time and still love it. It speaks volumes reflecting the pace of our lives. #travel #quotes #traveling #travelquotes

passport ready - lets GO....

Fly away Find your "Happy Place" #thecoachingpod #careercoachinggeelong #interviewcoachinggeelong #personalcoachinggeelong #lifecoachinggeelong #studentcareercoachinggeelong #discpersonalprofilinggeelong