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10 Amazing Travel Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

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A euro trip to remember. Can't wait til I leave for mines

l can't even explain myself, but somehow this simple photo of a passport and flight tickets just makes me so happy... :) excited for adventures...

"One minute: Don't read. Don't talk. No photos. Just look.... and see." This should be applied to most parts of life, not only the Grand Canyon. The world has become way too consumed in technology and constantly having your nose in your phone, detached from what is going on around you. #quotes #travel #grandcanyon #inspiration

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How to make a vision board and chase your dreams ( step-by-step guide), via Career Girl Daily

unexpected air travel tomorrow = luxury of extra reading time!

passport ready - lets GO....

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Instagram Challenge: WANDERLUST

Collect funds for your travels in a simple jar.

let's go, let's leave, please let's just travel, travel, travel.

Pull out the #passport and pack a BIG bag because we're leaving on a jet plane...and ready to jet set this #summer! #travelingTOMS travel photo of traveling essentials Polaroid camera vintage design aviator ray ban sunglasses handwritten letters a passport and adventure explore discovery relax serenity peace

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Open w/ Raven)) I close the bag and sigh. After a long while I get there and knock on the door "Phil?" I call. No answer "Phil's Friend?" I call and then hear the door unlock