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    Lovely natural light, love the furnishings, especially the coffee table.

    Stairwell - ledge, frames, books, mirrors, baskets, words...

    Books can actually make a space feel larger when used as decor. They are also easy to find, inexpensive to purchase, and can tell a sweet story. #diy #design #tips

    I've always dreamed of having a real library (an entire room dedicated to books and reading). My books are spread throughout the home, some on shelves, the rest in precarious stacks on the floors. I'd love to have this library.

    I'm not sure how practical it is to keep flowers on your books, but they're gorgeous!

    attic library ! My heart just skipped a beat! Half craft room, half library and id be in heaven

    Bookshelf table made from an old spool...chop in half, put on walls as cute table/booth things? Depending on style/colour, etc! GREAT!

    Can't get this out of my head... I LOVE it!!! I'm imagining a fireplace in front of the couch :)