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Why Hillary Clinton Chose to Wear Purple to Deliver Her Concession Speech #RueNow

EVERY woman should be able to afford the finer things in life on her own, without a man paying her way. Harness your feminine power and enjoy the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from the ability to truthfully say, "I bought it myself."

Alicia Keys Didn’t Wear Any Makeup to the VMAs #RueNow

30 Uplifting Self-Confidence Quotes to Help You Through Life

Exactly Bitch! Yep I'm talking to you Bitch! You will always be compared to me! And you will never measure up that's why he still tells me " I am always he best forever at everything and not to ever second guess it"

Wear These 3 Fall Must-Haves Like Queen Bey #RueNow

Boxy jackets. Paper-bag waists. Overalls. Was there any way we didn't wear our blues in the 90s? #RueNow

Celebrity-Approved Airport Style You Might Want to Try #RueNow