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Pencil Through Bag Science Experiment

The Pencil Through Bag Science Experiment is so incredibly awesome!!! Kids will absolutely love this learning craft.

Lemon Lime Adventuresfrom Lemon Lime Adventures

Best Science Experiments for Kids

Simple Science Guide for a Year of Science Experiments for Kids | Love this resource for Kindergarten through primary grades! So many tips and ideas!


100+ Science Activities for kids

Learn with Play at Home: 100+ Science Activities from The PLAY Group

Artsy Mommafrom Artsy Momma

Preschool Science: Tornado in a Jar Experiment

Preschool Science: Tornado in a Jar Experiment #creativepreschoolers

Feels Like Home™from Feels Like Home™

How to Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes - A Cool Science Experiment for Kids

Cool Science Experiments for Kids

Dancing raisins activities. Lots of fun experiments. I have done this experiment, and seen the entire class become silent out of curiosity. It is a great engagement piece for a lesson, and it can be hands on if you ask for volunteers!

Science Sparksfrom Science Sparks

Make a fake lung - find out how lungs work

make a lung, how do lungs work


Science Sparks

10 Amazing water experiments for kids. Including slushy drinks, freezing and melting, absorption, density, sinking and floating and trying to mix oil and water. #scienceforkids #science

TinkerLabfrom TinkerLab

Invisible Ink: A Citrus Painting Experiment

Science Project: Egg Geodes Very cool site with kid-friendly science experiments!

TinkerLabfrom TinkerLab

How to Make Egg Geodes with Borax

Egg Geodes Experiment - fun science experiment

The Growing room ideas for teaching children science fun interesting experiments scientific learning home school

Celery Experiment, Learn about Plants and How They Absorb Water in This Science Project for Kids