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Mexican parents do this que no?

fries before guys!

When a Mexican gets a Costco card.

When you know you look good :)

For some reason this always happen que no?

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 101 Pics

The daily struggle

:) That's hilarious!!!!!!!

Rulers of the World #Funny, #Money, #World

I put his favorite blanket in the wash, he sat like this for at least an hour. (Not my cat, random adorable pin)

Lol - Pinterest rules!

Haha so, so true

Daily struggle

OMG this happened to me the first time I texted my son! It took me so long to finish that text..punctuation and all LOL. When he replied with a K, I just stared at it!

It's so true.....



Hahaha! This is perfect!

Shell yeah!