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Plastic Perler Bead Bowls are a quick and easy kids’ craft your children will love. They can use any fun color beads in any creative pattern they want and it’s a perfect rainy day art project or DIY gift!

Crocheted storage bowls from packing twine.You need to google "Les Tissus Colbert: Kelly's Corner: das geht wie am Schnürchen" and translate the pattern into English

bracelet DIY. Someone should make me one these but in pink

Gift tags made of Salt dough & then stamped. Made with 1 cup salt, 2 cups all purpose flour and 1 cup luke warm water. (You can let dry naturally or in a 200 degree oven.)

Pony bead owl pattern. The boys are obsessed with my owl necklace. Maybe this will work for them.

Remember shrinky dinks? Well, you can use #6 plastic to do the same thing. This is a tutorial on how to use it to make beads for jewelry.

Use old sweaters to make kids hats.