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    LATimes Review of Prometheus: Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ offers up more creeps than scares, with Michael Fassbender turning in the most engrossing performance as the resident android. Theron, who has clearly found her comfort zone with ice-cold roles, is strong here, but from the acting point of view “Prometheus” belongs to the protean Fassbender, who excels as David, the spaceship’s resident android. Fassbender gets David’s almost-but-not-quite human character exactly.

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If I were to construct a list of some of the greatest actors in the industry, Michael Fassbender would be on it. He’s one of those actors that, if I see his name on a project, I’ll be there on opening day. When he commits to a role, he commits; even if the film itself isn’t that great. ~ Matt Bilodeau (

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Fox is kicking the viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus up a notch with a brand new video, and Mashable has the exclusive. The studio has crafted an awesome — and creepy — advertisement for “David,” the latest generation android from the fictitious Weyland Corporation. The ad introduces us to David, played by Michael Fassbender, who serves as the butler and maintenance man on the ship at the center of the film.