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    Paratroopers sitting in the plane they flew in on D-day. (1944-2011)

    A bizarre mansion built by Sarah Winchester, the heir to the rifle fortune, this 160-room estate abounds with architectural oddities. Originally seven stories, now only four the 1906 earthquake, the mansion was built by Mrs. Winchester after the untimely deaths of her husband and child. She said she was also haunted by the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle. Mrs. Winchester had her team of carpenters work ceaselessly for 38 years, building odd items such as stairs that led nowhere.

    The Viking Ship Museum houses three ships found in large burial mounds in the Oslo fjord region. The best-preserved Viking ships in existence, each contained a wealth of material, both decorative and utilitarian, dating back up to 1200 years.

    American Indian Movement (AIM) at Wounded Knee 1973

    Invasion! Allies Pouring Into Northern France! San Francisco Chronicle on D-Day

    D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now – interactive AWESOME!!! Click on pictures to see current location and scenes.

    World War II acoustic devices for hearing incoming planes in the distance.

    British WWII poster discouraging wasting food (Imperial War Museum)

    British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in Munich, by Hitler's photographer Hugo Jaeger (1938) Via LIFE. World War II

    The Louvre (in Paris, France) during the Second World War.

    The story of Keep Calm and Carry On.

    Resources on Holocaust Literature for English Teachers

    Seated goddess with a child, Hittite Empire, Old Hittite; 15th–13th century BC, Anatolia, central region, gold

    King Tut's treasure

    WWII rationing.

    Earth from Space photos

    Earth from Space | Smithsonian Institution


    Broch of Mousa - the finest preserved example of a broch or round tower in Shetland, Scotland. It is the tallest still standing in the world and amongst the best-preserved prehistoric buildings in Europe. It is thought to have been constructed circa 100 BC, one of 570 brochs built throughout Scotland. The site is managed by Historic Scotland.

    Germany 1939 - 1945.

    Colonel General Erwin Rommel and General Siegfried Westphal helping with pushing a stuck vehicle, North Africa, early 1941.

    Two young Jews are humiliated in front of their classmates at a school in Germany in 1935. Before the Holocaust began in earnest, the Nazis began a policy of ever-increasing discrimination, intolerance and outright abuse against the Jews, from the top offices of Govt., right down to classrooms and schoolyards. The words on the blackboard read, "The Jew is our greatest enemy! Beware of the Jew!"

    John Huston's 1946 groundbreaking documentary on psychological trauma in WW2 veterans was banned by the U.S. Army from being released until 1980 . You can watch the fully-restored version - just recently released - here. www.filmpreservat...