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    #AmericanBeauty {love this coffee table book} #OnlineBookStoreIndia

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  • Cate

    “It was always about the marriage of location, wardrobe, and the girl,” says photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank of her new book, American Beauty a collection of 110 portraits of “women in her world” as Vogue Photography Director Ivan Shaw writes in the preface. “The central question of my work,” says Swanson Frank, “was ‘How can I capture these women in their greatest beauty and truth?’ and also ‘Who are you? What moves you? What’s your style? Where in the world do you feel most at home?’ ”

  • Erin Fitzpatrick

    Lily Aldridge - American Beauty book cover, American Flag

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still obsessed with this picture Devin Eddins

Yes! Made In The USA! Freedom. Independence. America. Party On!

our country our people our drive to love one another our melting pot our diverstiy our opportunities our hands held out to each other and the freedom to do so

Jennifer Rizzo: Patriotic Summer.....I want this outfit!

I'll add this to my evening lake wardrobe for the weeklong 4th of July celebration. America.

Hate this shot!!! The flag should NEVER touch the ground unless be placed on the coffin of a fallen soldier. This flag should be burned for it is disgraced and dishonored by being used as a object of fashion and not as the symbol of freedom, honor and liberty.

Beautiful girl and picture, but please don't use our flag in this way!