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A Girl And Her Dog...

who ever said diamonds were a girls best friend never owned a dog or an Aussie.

LOL oh so true.

LOL # I love it. I want to go Home depot and get the materials and make the sign.My Hunter ,Our labrador is an excellent judge of people sizing them up.So this


It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as

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Except I would say this backwards . Love dogs and therefore: Keep Calm. Its documented that having a dog lowers your blood pressure.

3/11/2015. For the love of dogs So many comments about these beautiful words. I am sure everyone feels like I do when I read them.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

"Can You Read This" Dog Tag...  I need to get one of these for Kae.

So fun for a dog tag! Add a Name If you can read this I will lick you dog tag ID tag.The Original

You don't realize this until you have the pleasure if having a 4 legged family member!

"Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he's owned a dog" - Gene Hill. Love my pup!

Got lotsa that! my dog that is in heaven used to leave, as I called them, "Puppy Slugs" on the window!

My windows aren't dirty. that's my dog's nose art. I have nose art all over my car windows and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.So true for my baby girl and her dog!


We can Judge the Heart of a man by his treatment of Animals. ~Immanuel Kant *Please Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from shelter/rescue ♥