Marilyn Monroe photographed by Paul Slade, 1959.

Marilyn Monroe with dachshund photographed by Paul Slade, 1959.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe with dachshund

Elizabeth Taylor and her doxie

Marilyn Monroe ~ by Eve Arnold

Marilyn Monroe, “Dog” photographed by Milton Greene, in New York - 1955

Picasso at lunch with his wife while his dachsund, Lump, looks on wistfully. The sequence of photos on this blog tells a cute story (and yes, Lump gets a bite.)

Marilyn Monroe Rare Photo

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Marilyn Monroe with one of her Basset Hounds

yep, that's about right.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, with her dachshund, London, December 1958.

I know you didn't say there aren't any more treats.

My Doxie thinks he's a Doberman

Marilyn and her Mafia.


Marilyn and her chihuahua

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