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marionettes | Don Quixote , marionette puppet

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Czech Marionettes

Devil on rooster , marionette puppet

Czech Marionettes

By Susie McMahon

According to Burmese legend, puppets danced before man did. These storytelling puppets have such character. Many have their original moving parts to enhance their expression. Innately alive, they bring panache to any chest, desk, or table top. Hanuman, the monkey god of the Hindus, is the son of the wind and a monkey-nymph. He is the King of the Monkey Army and is associated with the worship of Visnu. He appears on potency and fertility amulets in Thailand and Burma. #burma #puppet #antique ...

Dragon, marionette puppet

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Rabbi , Czech marionette puppet

Bat , Czech marionette puppet

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