1900, and shows a Sioux Indian man. The picture was taken by Gertrude Kasebier, who took a number of portraits of Native Americans.

This photo of John Smith (Ka-Be-Nah-Gwey-Wence), a Chippewa Indian from Cass Lake, Minnesota, was taken when he was supposedly 129 years old.

Crow Scout in Winter. It was created in 1908 in Montana by Edward S. Curtis. The photograph illustrates a Crow (Apsaroke) man on horseback on snow-covered ground in the Pryor Mountains. curator@old-picture.com.

You are viewing an unusual image of Tsahizn Tseh. It was taken in 1906 by Edward S. Curtis. The image shows Tsahizn Tseh, an Apache Man, bust portrait, facing front, with a bandana covering his head.

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