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Pecking away at an ice block to finally be rewarded with a cold corn kernel is a great way to help chickens keep cool.

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Chicken Exercise

Chicken entertainment

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How to Introduce a New Chicken into your Existing Flock

If it's younger chickens you want to introduce then I suggest introducing them no earlier than 6 weeks old.

Hot Weather Care for Backyard Chickens. Fresh watermelon is just one of the ways found in this post to alleviate heat stress.

Chicken water/coop heater: Pavers + heat lamp mounted to scrap piece of 2x4, cover with upside down terracotta pot + saucer, then water (secured with hang chain). BRILLIANT! Constructing this next weekend. #chickens

grazing frames - simple two-by-four frames with hardware cloth (welded wire mesh) attached across the top. Set one above a patch of grass, and the grass will grow up through the openings. Your chickens can snack on the green tips, and the frame protects the roots so that the grass survives to grow another day.

Raising Chickens 101 – For Beginners ! Chickens - Homesteading - Livestock - The Homestead Survival - Hens - Rooster - Chicken Coop - Farm

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How and When to Give a Chicken a Bath

How and When to Bathe a Chicken

Clean Coop Tips. One secret is raised water with a neat stone-apron surround, feed served up off the ground, lots of good clean litter, fresh air (look at all the hardware cloth!) and room to strut.