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Only one female satyr has ever lived. Rather than revering her as the mother of their race, the satyrs curse her for bringing them into the world. ("Golden dust" by ~Vetrova on deviantART)

Use chalk pastels oil pastels and pencil crayons on black paper give the kids a photograph to start with and make a self-portrait

In 1905, Basson met a German farmer, William Schaefer, who wanted to sell Highlands. Thus, Basson became aware of this and he aimed to swindle him out of his property. In December 1905, Basson made an offer to purchase the farm for 1 400 pound, which was reduced to 1 020 pounds after a hard bargaining. What Schaefer did not know is that he was signing a deal with the devil.

BIOFUSION by DZO Olivier on Behance Drawing | Illustration | Pen | Ink | Ilustração | Draw | Desenho | This image has a great use of contour and gesture line to form the images. Contour means "outline", and presents exterior edges of objects. A plain contour has a clean, connected line, no shading. Gesture lines are lines that are energetic and catch the movements and gestures of an active