Soft, Romantic Garden

Bird and Butterfly Garden

Perfect for in front of the deck with easy-growing perennials. This collection will produce colorful flowers and foliage from spring to fall -- and keep the maintenance at a minimum. Garden size: 14x6 feet In this Plan: ■'Becky' Shasta daisy ■'Frosty Morn' sedum ■Giant allium ■'Moonbeam' coreopsis ■Purple coneflower ■'Purple Dome' aster ■Siberian iris ■'Walker's Low' catmint

Decorate Your Downspout The area around your downspout can be tricky to keep looking good. Try this garden plan. Garden size: 8 by 10 feet. Download this plan!

Cottage-Style Gardens; Long-Blooming: Long-Blooming Blue Garden; Small Garden Plans: Blue Garden

Bird-Friendly Garden for Fall Wildlife will enjoy this garden all season long, but you'll love it most in fall. Ornamental grasses, black-eyed Susan, and Japanese sedge are standouts. Garden size: 32 by 13 feet

four season garden plan - full sun zones 4-8

Corner Grass Garden: full sun to partial shade. 1 zebra grass, 2 fountain grasses, 3 daylilies, & 6 blue fescue grasses.

Shasta Daisy - Lazy Daisies by Live Mulch Look at those hydrangeas!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Gardening Mistakes

How to plant a tiny winter forest

No-Fuss Shade Garden Plan -- Astilbe, Barrenwort, Bleeding Heart, Foamy Bells, Hellebore, Hosta, Japanese Painted Fern, Lamium...

Soft-Color Summer Garden Plan PLANT LIST A. 1 Daisy (Leucanthemum ‘Christine Hagemann’), Zones 5-8 B. 1 Phlox ‘Eva Cullum’, Zones 4-8 C. 2 Aster ‘Monch’, Zones 5-8 D. 1 Catmint (Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’), Zones 3-8 E. 2 Bellflower (Campanula carpatica ‘Pearl White’), Zones 4-7 F. 2 Pincushion flower (Scabiosa ‘Pink Mist’), Zones 4-7 G. 2 Sedum ‘Lidakense’, Zones 5-9 H. 2 Veronica ‘Royal Candles’, Zones 3-8

Bold and Bright Flower Garden

3 seasons

This garden stays looking great, no matter how hot the weather gets./

Beginner Garden for Full Sun - lots of perennials & blooms from spring to fall!

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Perennial Garden If flowers are your thing, this is the garden for you. Seven high-performance perennials will give you plenty of flowers, all summer long and into fall. Tuck the 9-by-9-foot garden into a corner or plop it in the middle of the lawn -- these plants will put on a show.

Pansies start the season and are followed by iris, peonies, and roses. The show keeps going into fall thanks to beautiful dahlias, balloon flowers, and more:

Summer Butterfly Garden