Get out of your way...

.Just go for it!

Be kindest to those that are the rudest... They need it most. You can get so much more in life with honey and a helping hand instead of speaking your mind.

what worries you masters you

If you don't like it, do something about it

Definitely. Need to hang this where I see it every day.

Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday Wife, Mommy, & Homemaker: A Short Post About Our Tongues

Could not be more true!

big life change

so true

I'm closer than I was yesterday.. :)

i must remember this.

No excuses... But I have to remember that this new desire for my life is not my life...I have my relationship with my Lord and my family, along with serving my Lord. They all have to fit in the day too! He will BLESS my efforts in ALL THINGS that I do with HIS guidance!



very very true.

another great quote

So true!