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yep...that is me! Somebody just needs to invent a mirror with six pack abs and a GREAT ass! @Kandice Bailey

When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she's using the same time scale a guy is when he says the game has 5 minutes left. | Confession Ecard |

I'm ready for some blessings that aren't in disguise. (Although, I know I already have blessings to be thankful for).

Despite being a pain in the ass, you have to admit I still bring a lot to the table. | Flirting Ecard |

i love how we can look at each other and without saying anything, know we are making fun of the same person. #someecards

Connecting to the iTunes Store

Or maybe I'll just go into the bathroom and close the door....that always does the trick too!

I love waking up with you by my side. You turn dull moments into entertaining ones. You're always there for me. iPhone, I'd be lost without you.