classroom management doors

I like the idea of a Behavior Log. Students are responsible for logging in their color change and the reason why. Will be good to have on hand as a reference for parents, administers, etc. From--A Day in the Life of a Classroom Teacher: Classroom Tour

homework bingo - If they turn in their homework for that morning they get to write their name on any square. On friday's I will pull out two bingo chips...and whatever names are on that square they will be able to pick out of the treasure box.  LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

Homework BINGO - When students turn their homework in each morning, they get to write their name on any square. On Friday, teacher pulls out two bingo chips.Whichever names are on that square get to pick out of the treasure box at the end of the day.

Free! Upper Elementary Interest Inventories

This Interest Inventory Freebie is designed for upper elementary grades. I love using interest inventories to find out my students' attitudes toward different subjects and their preferred methods of instruction.

Whole Brain Teaching Rules Plus REACH

Not the rules but the REACH acronym is nice :) "How one teacher used an acronym to make the Whole Brain Teaching rules work in her classroom.

Love that your behavior chart can travel with you and that it is private from everyone else.

Behavior clipchart on a clipboard! This is good because it stays private and can be passed to the music teacher, gym teacher, etc. to keep track of their behavior during specials.

Stacking cups in this STEM challenge will also help students with their letter recognition! FREE labels included!

Letter Recognition: Letter Stacking Cups