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Plastic tablecovers for Bulletin Boards. They are bright year to year without fading, and it saves some trees.


Keep track of the school days with money! Every day add a penny to match the number of the day. Trade coins when appropriate. Chorally count and write amount of money. Ask questions like....If Today we have .26 cents. How many cents will we have in 10 days?

Morning Meeting

Calendar Math

I LOVE the acronym at the top for answering questions! I also LOVE the "Where will Reading Take you!"

second grade welcome back to school bulletin board ideas | ...Back to School Bulletin Boards

Circle Time for the Mobile Classroom...great for shared teaching or small spaces

First Grade calendar setup

How to make awnings for your bulletin boards

Love this bulletin board!

Calendar Board for Calendar Time - Great Description and Printables.

bulletin boards

telling time game

love this for the board!!

classroom calendar log