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18 different Candy Land word work games. Already made one -- more inspiration!


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Beginning of the year activity - pairwork We did something like this for groupwork and had the poster up all year. (Looks like, Sounds like, Feels like)

Contraction surgery


Brownie Points is our class reward system. When the class gets a compliment from someone other than myself for good behavior they will earn a brownie for their pan. When the pan gets full of brownies the class gets a special treat. It always amazes me how hard they will work for a brownie! (Had to repin this for any friends i have who are or plan on becoming elementary teachers! such a cute idea)

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Holding Students Accountable: Using REDO slips to keep students accountable for problems that they need to rethink and REDO!

The Superlative Six: Week 3: Main Idea (& Spelling BAM! Game)

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Speeding Tickets, need to redo with a pirate theme and recording sheet

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I'm Lovin Lit: Interactive Notebook Linky Party ~ Five for Friday!

Here is my Marzano word work cootie catcher to use for review activities: spell, say, give example/non-example/synonym/part of speech/nonverbal representation/definition/sentence.

contraction surgery

Cute, could do with sight words too. "Slap Words! The game is simple. I put our vocabulary words on different colored sheets of tag board. (That way if a word gets mixed up with another stack, it's easy to spot.) Words cards lie on top of table face up. I call out a word. Person to find it first slaps their hand down on top of the card, then takes the card and puts it to the side in "their pile". Person with the most words wins!"