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Knitting backwards

Miriam Tegels demonstrates simplified continental knitting ("speed knitting"). Filmed at Knit Camp 2010, Stirling University, Scotland.

This tutorial is a MUST if you're thinking about adding a zipper to your project. Swedish and English (scroll down) instructions!

Speed Knitting by the Yarn Harlot - If you don't stare at this slack jawed, I don't know what will make you. I dream of being this fast some day.

decorative decreases

The magic knot... so you don't have to weave in ends.

Knit & Purl Backwards - Knitting Without Turning.

How to Knit Without Turning Your Work- Video

"Combined Knitting" -- StrawIntoGold says: "Here is my fast knitting method written with excellent clarity by Annie Modesitt. The important part of this method of knitting is the VERY FAST purling. The only "problem" is that you have to remember your stitches are "backwards" compared to the rest of the knitting world, but the speed is well worth it! I never understood why knitters doing Continental Style complained about how slow purling is. It's as fast as knit stitch using this technique.

How to get faster at knitting! — The Craft Sessions (be sure to check out the video of Stephanie McPhee on YouTube and her Irish Cottage knitting style. So crazy!)

Excellent Knitting Tutorial - How to make invisible seams in garter stitch. Many pictures and clear text. If you've been disappointed with your seams, check this out!

The Travelling Loop. This method is used for knitting in the round when a circular needle is too long for the work.

A tutorial showing how to seamlessly graft together the ends of a knitted i-cord. Ideal for finishing the i-cord cast on or bind off in the round. leahmichelledesig...

cool way to weave in ends while you knit!

▶ Learn to Speed Knit! - YouTube

▶ Speed Knitting - Knitlynpics - YouTube

▶ Speed Knitting: How To Speed Knit and Speed Purl - YouTube- Not sure if this is really faster, I'll have to try it

▶ Norwegian Purling - YouTube

▶ Knitting in the Portuguese Style - KDTV 307 with Andrea Wong - YouTube

Helix Knitting-this knitting technique demonstrates how to knit with various colours in the round on circular needles without creating a jog.Excellent for knitting socks.

Plenty of Provisions

5 Tips for Knitting Fair Isle Socks - Knitting Daily - Blogs - Knitting Daily

#Knitting #Tutorial - Casting On for #Lace from Eunny Jang.

Fisherman's Knot to join yarns

Knittrick: calculates all the numbers when your gauge does not match the patterns'