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all I need is you and new shoes - stephen powers

Comfortable Cesar

Cesar Cruz

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Disturbing Tattoos

Thought this an an interesting quote. Our increasingly jaded society aren't easily disturbed.

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Want to learn how to do this wheat-pasting technique ⫸ Wheat-pasted street art by Print Liberation | #StreetArt #Typography

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A love letter to the city

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STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasstreet art By Tasso 3d » STREET ART #3d art|

Creative Guerrilla Marketingfrom Creative Guerrilla Marketing

50 Phenomenal Examples of Street Art for 2012

Chris Wiedmann

Rainbow Rain

The Rainbow

Rainbow Umbrella

Dripping Rainbow

Pretty Rainbow

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Time

Rainbow Spectrum

50 Phenomenal Examples of Street Art for 2012 ▶▶ See more at ◀◀ #streetart #art #graffiti

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Hosier Lane #streetart #art #graffiti #dope

Streetart Stephen

Stephenpowers Streetart

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Stephen Powers

Steve Powers

"Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and is sponsored by the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative."

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200x2 - Beyond Banksy Project / Agostino Larcuci - Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

The 10 best street art works - in pictures

Powers Philadelphia

Philadelphia 2009

Letter Philadelphia

Streetart Philadelphia

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A Love Letter For You – Philadelphia, 2009 by Steve Powers #street_art #art #murals

Steve Powers

Stephen Powers

Signage Stevepowers

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Stephenpowers Streetart

Streetart Stephen

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Powers Philadelphia

The sunrise.

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Goddamn You Re

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You Re Handsome

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Handsome Beauty

but not quite as much as if you'd used the correct form of "dam/damn."


The Murals of Philadelphia - Photo Essays

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Mural: 'A Message to the Child...The Hero Can be Found' Artist: John Lewis Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program evolved from a simple 1984 project organized by muralist Jane Golden to combat the city's graffiti problem.

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Banksy Graffiti Drawings. This picture made me decided to use Banksy as one of my main artists in my book

Philadelphia Museum

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Painted street. The coolest thing you'll see all day.

Hi-Fructose Magazinefrom Hi-Fructose Magazine

Street Art - Handiedan - for the One Wall Project for Urban Nation - Berlin, Germany - 2014

Streetart Germany

2014 Streetart

Streetart Graffiti

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Streetart Berlin

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Artist Handiedan

Handiedan - for the One Wall Project for Urban Nation - Berlin, Germany - 2014 #streetart

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The cutest couple. He draws a diary of their life together (also did a drawing a day for 365 days challenge)

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