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Amish girls with their puppies

Share the road signs are common also in Western PA were we too have a large Amish community.

Amish girl with a little cat. She's so happy. Look at that smile!

Little amish girl looks like she's skipping in the house. Cute!

As a kid we would go to Amish country every year. I became friends with a young Amish girl who worked for the motel and in exchange, she was allowed to swim in the pool. Her bathing suit was a dress! It amazed me... She amazed me!

Amish. Ok, I'm not sure if this is a real photograph. For one thing, I don't think The Amish like having their photos taken. But I do like the attitude they have here...very strong, determined.

Let's get that bonnet tied on so it won't come off the minute you're out of my sight.

Little Amish girl and her pony. Not sure if mom and dad were around when this was taken, but it's cute anyway!