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Do you have that friend that lives where it rains a lot. This would be great, ask them what color their favorite coat is, and match it. I live where it rains quite a bit in the spring, and I like to keep one in the car, one in my husbands car, and the house. So a few are nice to have

"I saw you and him walking in the rain. You were holding hands and I will never be the same" :( Remember the song??

Estas detrás de este fino cristal pero aun así no puedo verte, la sutil lluvia que moja los suelos de esta ciudad fantasma me impiden ver el reflejo de tus ojos detrás del ligero cristal...

We wandered outside after the rain to smell the grass and admire pretty droplets

All of your days have prepared you for This Day... that's why you're ready and able to handle everything that comes your way.

I would wear this outfit... I would walk in the rain wearing it... I would smile and enjoy it all..... Uh oh....just found out she's not really walking in the rain. I still like the shot though.....

One of my favorite shoots. Russian Tattler. Photo Arthur Elgort. Makeup Elaine Madelon. In a VERY fancy car in front of the Plaza in NYC. COLD was rented. Hana is as beautiful as ever.

Becky Filip of The Honey Trees for Nadinoo #fashion #dress