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Hand Exercises for Stroke

Carpal tunnel exercises

Trigger Finger Exercises

A Rubber Band On The Hand: Simple Exercises That Build Strength


Theraputty Exercises - UWMC Health On-Line - University of ...-Theraputty Exercises - UWMC Health On-Line - University of ...

Diagram of hand movements

pictures of exercises for stroke patients | range of motion exercise - definition of range of motion exercise in ...

pictures of exercises for stroke patients | And here are some things you do do with clay or "thera-putty";

Home After a Stroke: Tricks for Stretching a Tight Hemiplegic Hand


Top 6 Arthritis Exercises For Hands

Stroke simplified

Finger flexion and extension, forearm supination and pronation and lateral prehension can all be developed on the Hand Exercise Board with hook and loop fasteners

Upper Extremity Exercises with great pictures!

Testing Hand Nerves

***JAN DAVIS VIDs: Transfers, bed mobility, scapular mobilization, stroke, functional tasks, evals, etc.

Intrinsic Hand Strengthening using Putty

Stroke Balance Exercises: (1) Weight Shift R & L (2) Weight Shift F & B (3) Lean on Elbow (4) Reach toward Weak Side (5) Reach Forward w/ Hands Clasped (6) Sit to Stand w/ Hands Clasped

Muscles of the Hand

Anatomy of the Hand and Wrist by ~Black-Rose227Wacom tablet and Photoshop CS5.