To my beautiful special amazing daughters !!

Letter from a mother to a daughter. this made me cry a little bit.

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In my daughter's eyes,I am a hero, I am strong and wise, And I know no fear, But the truth is plain to see, She was sent to rescue me, I see who I want to be, In my daughter's eyes. ~ song by Martina McBride, quote, quotes about daughters quotes about moms and daughters...my mom sang this on Mother's Day one year.

What I'll be telling my daughter EVERY day of her life. Might even make this a sign to hang in her room.


Printable Quote for Daughter's Room!

favorite song I sang to my kids, but changed words to "you are my sunshine, one of my sunshines" I have three!

<3 My daughters

I can see my daughter saying this to someone...lol!!

Going to give this framed to Gillian for this years "daughter day" (as she requested to have because just like moms and dads, kids are awesome too and should their day)

You are beautiful and amazing to me!!! I hope one day you will see it!!! Love you!!! ❤ -Aubree<<< See this Aburee? Read it real good. THIS is how amazing you are. You say this to people and you mean it! I wish you would see yourself through all your friends eyes. Then you'd see how BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING YOU ARE!


I have the best daughter in the world


There's This Boy, Weathered Wood Wall Art. "So, there is this BOY. He kinda stole my <3. He calls me Mommy." | Yay for baby boys! PLURAL PLEASE!!!

For my son Aaron :)