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Water Cycle Foldable (can put into interactive notebook! need to use with grade.notice how the book physically represents the water cycle.not just a worksheet

Walking Water Science Project. Another terrific and very simple science experience children find interesting. All you need is paper towel, a couple of glasses and some colored water.

20 Cool Science Project Ideas for Kids

Walking Water Science Experiment {Science Projects} this looks pretty cool. Good idea for science fair next year.

WOW! Great ideas for teaching anatomy/human body!

human body- complete list of ideas and printables from our study of the body--This looks amazing. She did it with a four year old girl, so it may take till Clark is 5 before he has the attention span though.

Parts of an Animal Cell

Parts Of Animal Cell Animal Cell Model Diagram Project Parts Structure Labeled Coloring and Plant Cell Organelles Cake

Use to teach the butterfly lifecycle - orzo for eggs, penne or rigatoni for the caterpillar, a shell for the chrysalis and farfalle for the butterfly

Spring and Easter Science Butterfly Kindergarten Lesson Plan - use pasta to make life cycle of butterfly!

DSC06678.JPG (1200×1600)

Another idea for talking about scientist and starting the year of science lessons. This would be good for kids to make in their science journals also. It would be neat to see what each child thinks a scientist is.

Plant Growth and Survival Lapbook Unit {Common Core}

Plant Growth and Survival Lapbook Unit {Common Core}

Teaching the Digestive system. Thank you to Mary Markowski for a creative idea!    I saw something similar to this at the Children's Museum but the aprons were interactive for little ones with velcro attached to felt cutouts.  Children had to find the right place for each part of the digestive system.  It really was solving an interactive live puzzle!  The kids loved it!

Love this idea! Teach kids the digestive system by decorating an apron with markers or fabric paint. When they wear the apron, children will be able to see where the parts of their own digestive system are located.

K-ESS3-3 = "Communicate solutions that will reduce the impact of humans on the land, water, air, and/or other living things in the local environment."  Each group will be given a bucket of water and "garbage."  A variety of materials will be given to them, such as solid and liquid products.  Once they have destroyed their water, they will need to try and fix it.  They will need to discuss some possible solutions on how they can reduce the amount of garbage that gets into our water.

Earth Day Experiment - Can You Undo Water Pollution?

Earth Day Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution? In this experiment the kids learned just how hard it is to undo water pollution. a bucket of clean water, some household trash, vegetable oil (to stand for toxic oil spills), tongs, and a strainer.

lable a flower worksheet | ... flowers are flowering longitudinal section on beaucoup question labels

some nice science worksheets here lots of other free worksheets too ~ coloring sheets for letters & numbers

Most Popular Teaching Resources: FREE Parts of a Plant Interactive Notebook Craftiv...

FREE Parts of a Plant Interactive Notebook Craftivity for Earth Science Centers

FREE Plants Interactive Notebooks Foldable Craftivity Science Activities Spring Activities ~ Teachers Pay Teachers Promoting Success for You and Your Students!

Tour of the Moon [NASA] / #science!

Tour of the Moon [NASA] Although the moon has

Going Deeper - Tour of the Moon. If you teach about the moon don't miss this post! It's full of videos, activities and more!

Cause and Effect Book Layout Idea  Kim Sutton, An Earth Day Freebie, and Some Fun Ideas!!

Read an informational text having to do with taking care of the earth. Students can write to a friend or family member about what they can do to take care of the earth. // Earth Day cause & effect booklet from First Grade Parade!

Science Matters: Modeling the Water Cycle Looks like an easy way to start a discussion about the water cycle.

Science Night Ideas - Science Matters: Modeling the Water Cycle (experiment.seeing the water cycle in action!

Use Legos to teach about the periodic table of elements... | 31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home

31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home

A chemistry unit study with LEGOS as models. Free teacher guide, lesson plans, worksheets at link. Teaching chemistry with Legos?