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    So adorable. I can't help it, I love monkeys!

    • Cari Moore

      I personally think animals should be allowed to be naked, but this baby is as cute as a button, and the little hair thing is adorable, so long as she doesn't mind.

    • Reckon Talk

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    • Cassey Place

      Baby monkey (look at those lashes!) I want a monkey. This little guy is adorable. So cute!!!

    • Cindi Trevino

      This baby monkey is so cute. My day instantly got better just by seeing this adorable pic.

    • Cindy Crussell

      Baby monkey; don't like that s/he is all dressed up, but what an adorable face

    • Caro .

      Because a sweet baby monkey face doesn't need a reason, that's why.

    • Lydia Alexandrou

      Funny animal pictures of cute baby monkey.

    • dragunette

      Baby Monkey - what a sweet little face

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