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The dark kiwi rises

Funny pictures about The Dark Fruit. Oh, and cool pics about The Dark Fruit. Also, The Dark Fruit photos.

The Dark Night, Rices.

I want to go see Batman, The dark knight rises so badly! But I still haven't watched The dark knight *_____* Better find it though.

Perfect for my son!

One Wolverine? or two Batmen?) -- funny-wolverine-two-bat-men-batman

If Clark and Diana don't zoom off and leave Bruce on the ground in Dawn of Justice, Snyder is missing a wonderful opportunity for us to crack up laughing.

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Batman's story not as pitiful as he thinks. His parents being murdered was horrible but it wasn't like he was a penniless orphan out on the streets.

Stop Whining Bruce…

Funny pictures about Stop Whining Bruce. Oh, and cool pics about Stop Whining Bruce. Also, Stop Whining Bruce.

Seriously go through and read these. Probably a small town girl.... Lmao

Wow, some people are just dumb. Lol, and need to use commas or they'll eat poop.

The Trust Worthiness Of Beards.. why are beards so amusing?!

Funny pictures about The Trustworthiness Of Beards. Oh, and cool pics about The Trustworthiness Of Beards. Also, The Trustworthiness Of Beards.

FUN FACT: This was improvised. The building was meant to explode and come down in one go and the crew had one take to get it right. When the explosions malfunctioned, Ledger reacted in character, and Nolan urged his crew to keep filming. By pure chance, it resulted in one of the greatest moments in the movie, and a moment that perfectly showcased Joker's archaic nature and Ledger's sheer talent.

Heath Ledger’s sheer talent…

Funny pictures about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Oh, and cool pics about Heath Ledger's sheer talent. Also, Heath Ledger's sheer talent.

If Superheroes Had Part-Time Jobs…

Part time Jobs of Superheroes! Love this! :) <<< but tony stark is rich so why would he need a job but batman wouldn't?