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  • Donna V

    Mrs. Jones: Organizing Embroidery Floss Great idea to organize embroidery threads!

  • Anna Marx

    Organizing embroidery floss on clothes pins - Write the color name or number on the pin itself. This is genius!! I literally just have a ball of embroidery floss thrown into a storage drawer in my craft room right now.

  • Landon Beverly

    Wrap embroidery floss around a clothespin to keep it from getting tangled. || You have to wind it all up, but this a great idea for all my friendship bracelet string.

  • M Beaulieu

    Organizing Embroidery Floss. Great idea! I like to keep track of the color number and it would be easy to just pencil it in on the end of the clothes pin.

  • Donita Jacoboni

    Really good idea, and colorful enough to leave out! Organizing Embroidery Floss - this is so cute!

  • Devin Yokeley

    Organizing Embroidery Floss - this is so cool. Use a fine-point marker to label each clothespin with the color number.

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$2.00 Organizing embroidery floss two packs of clothes pins from the dollar store (30 pins for $1) I used two packs.  $2.00 Looks so much better, don't you think?

Si eres de las que gusta del bordado puedes hacer tus madejas alrededor de una pinza de ropa de madera y la punta servirá para encontrar siempre el extremo sin que la madeja se deshaga.

Embroidery floss can be such a mess ... but here's a brilliant idea for keeping it easily untangled and easy to work with.

❤ it . . . Organizing Embroidery Floss- On my new favorite website (, and I saw a photo of embroidery floss wrapped around clothes pins. I just happened to have two packs of clothes pins from the dollar store (30 pins for $1) I used two packs. $2.00 Looks so much better, don't you think? I guess I didn't totally waste my time. ~By Heather, Mrs. Jones

"A little closer to the end of the rainbow", organising floss, almost done | ©Lisa Jordan

embroidery floss storage - beautiful AND practical

Wrap embroidery thread around clothespins for storage. I did this with my stash (for some reason I had a hot mess of tangled thread). ♥.

10 Craft Room Organizational Tips — my blessed life™ Using clothes pin to wrap embroidery floss.. clever idea... must try this out as I have a bunch of embroidery floss in a box

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