Make Colonial Dipped Candles

DIY Candles in Cans Tutorial Step 1 via Garden Therapy A reason to save old candle bits!

Tree Candles

Lemon candles

candle craft

easy and cute

Easy project that I could get the kids to help me with. Requires sand, that we would have to get at the beach.... they would love doing this.

cupcake candles ready to party!

Make Sand castles that mold like playdo and harden like clay!

Candle slipcovers

Perfect DIY lighting idea for summer nights!

sand candles


Candle mold ideas | Home made candle molds

MUCH better than the cheesy christmas ones!

Perfect idea for all those small glass votive holders I have left over from the wedding!!!

easy-to-make sand candle

Best. Candle. Ever.

Gifts Kids Can Make: these are super easy decorated candles - perfect for all occassions - Teacher's Gift, Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day.....

star candle